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Friday, March 7, 2008

A little rant ...

What is the Blogger obsession with this astrological nonsense. I did a search on my occupation, to find others (of my professional leaning) described as eg "Astarte ... 46 year old female Leo ... " What mind-boggling information. But wait, it gets better. The Chinese would have it that I am a wooden monkey ... aw ..... I wanna be a wooden monkey ... and not a scorpion.

Even the fabulous* tenets upon which Christianity and Islam are based, pale into insignificance compared with the utter banality of this 'star-sign' clap-trap. At least the two aforementioned religions/cultures are dotted with well-meaning advocates who genuinely care about their fellow human beings (incidentally, you fanatics are excluded here ... you know who you are ... you go about hating, maiming and even killing ... all because you KNOW you're right ... that must be quite a responsibility). The astrologers care only about fleecing the gullible to death. Yes, Mr and Mrs G, they'll take every penny you've got!

If Blogger wants to make it really entertaining ('tis all Astrology is after all), why not ask our band of bloggers about breast, waist and hip measurements? Could we please find out whether they have visited a country with a foreign-sounding name. ... and what's wrong with sexual history? Surely that would be more entertaining.

fabulous* = I refer to the creed of "If you don't understand it, invent an all-powerful entity to have created it. Ergo, it is explained!" Come on, what could be simpler? There are now no more mysteries in the Universe. So, instead of wondering about where things came from at the beginning and why the majority of mankind lives in poverty, we can now do the creator's will, which of course is whatever the religious leaders say it is. I'll give them their due ... it has worked for thousands of years. I wonder if it will still be there at the dawn of the 30th century (AD, of course).