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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Islamophobia: my view

What does the word ‘Islamophobe’ mean. I agree in the main with the Urban Dictionary (Crusador Prime)’s perceptive description as: “A non-Muslim who knows more than they are supposed to know about Islam”.
Some mainstream dictionary definitions optionally include the adjective ‘irrational’ to the standard ‘hatred or fear’ of Islam. My personal take is that I do dislike the shaky tenets that source the Holy Books defining Islam. I also fear what it may become, given increasingly more radicalised Muslim groups’ stirring in the West, combined with modern information and communications capabilities, and some Muslim leaders being open about the world-dominating aims of their religion.
I have absolutely no problems with Muslims, it is their Islamic religious culture that I find worrying. Sometimes I am offended by the callous way that women are treated and appalled by the robotic nature of Quranic verse learning, recitations and prayer rituals. However, I am physically unsettled by the barbarities evident in the punishments prescribed by Sharia Law.
Any tolerance that I have of Islam is based simply on Muslims’ rights to free speech and expression, which I fully support. Baroness Warsi, ex Conservative Foreign Office minister, warned that British Muslims perceived a ‘cold war’-style offensive against them by successive governments. Baroness Manningham-Buller, ex-MI5 chief, said extremist opinions need to be “exposed, challenged and countered” rather than banned.
There is clearly a fine line between free speech and expression and the restrictions involved with suspected terrorism. It is a regrettable but demonstrable fact that most terrorist suspects are Muslim and they follow an Islamic agenda. Unfortunately terrorism, generally waged in Islam’s name, is today a real, clear and present danger in the UK and the West generally. We thus have a duty to society to set up whatever structures we feel will expose and isolate those intent on doing us harm.
You might argue that I am an Islamophobe. If so, it is based in my view on perfectly rational considerations and arguments.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Caliphate: a gruesome real-life, video game-style experience

The concept is based on the original ramblings of a 7th-century warlord who imagined he was fast-tracked by Allah to receive revelations.
Caliphate is currently recruiting socially-immature young people together with assorted misfits, who consider their lives unstimulating or lack-lustre, for this new Jihadist-building experience. The whole package is wrapped up in the pseudo respectable mantle of religion and given credence by some apologists and assuaging journalists.
It offers the excitement of joining the radical Islamic club, with its simplistic ideology of the literal reading of primitive founding texts and blind obedience to its numerous barbaric dictates. Conscripts need the ability to detach from the reality of modern civilisation and commit, or be an accessory to, stomach-turning atrocities without conscience. What they think they get in return is validation, power and a degree of respect.
ISIS are the managing agents for Calliphate and their chosen arena is Iraq and Syria. The recruits attack the legitimate but ill-disciplined and poorly-trained armed forces. They also destroy the culture, and disrespect the traditions, of the hapless peoples who have inhabited this currently ungovernable and unstable region, in some cases for thousands of years.
Tactics are mainly as given in Muhammed and his cohort’s personal manual, the Quran. Initially, suicide bombers, intent on bringing about Armageddon, are sent in to cause havoc. Then it’s the ‘shoot-em-up’ or decapitating activities against the infidels who won’t convert to this gruesome fundamentalist theology. The spoils of war are just those that are recounted about the life of the sociopath and sexual deviant Muhammed. Opposing forces are slaughtered mercilessly and captured females are passed around the men and those who survive the physical and sexual abuse are sold on as slaves. All of these actions are sanctioned in the Islamic scriptures and seemingly palatable if you regard the subjects as ‘less than human’, just as the Nazis did with Jews, gypsies and homosexuals.
Parading through conquered towns in the black uniform, black flags and guns is all part of the macho, ‘video game’ image that the Calliphate projects to attract disaffected youth. The callous and barbarous mentality easily appeals to the baser instincts of naive, juvenile minds and they are simply fodder for Islamist recruiters to this obscene Jihadist cause.
ISIS, under the self-proclaimed Calliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is living out a twisted version of reality which is at odds with all the norms of a civilised society. The documented aims of Islamic Jihad: “Islam with its vast revolutionary programme aims at establishing unity of human society on the basis of justice and mutual love. It wants to restore human freedom and humanize the world.” These aims are laughable when ISIS are representing public relations.
One sincerely hopes that this abomination will be utterly destroyed, just as Hitler’s Reich was, and the surviving perpetrators brought to book. But one is forced to wonder, at what cost?