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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Islamophobia: my view

What does the word ‘Islamophobe’ mean. I agree in the main with the Urban Dictionary (Crusador Prime)’s perceptive description as: “A non-Muslim who knows more than they are supposed to know about Islam”.
Some mainstream dictionary definitions optionally include the adjective ‘irrational’ to the standard ‘hatred or fear’ of Islam. My personal take is that I do dislike the shaky tenets that source the Holy Books defining Islam. I also fear what it may become, given increasingly more radicalised Muslim groups’ stirring in the West, combined with modern information and communications capabilities, and some Muslim leaders being open about the world-dominating aims of their religion.
I have absolutely no problems with Muslims, it is their Islamic religious culture that I find worrying. Sometimes I am offended by the callous way that women are treated and appalled by the robotic nature of Quranic verse learning, recitations and prayer rituals. However, I am physically unsettled by the barbarities evident in the punishments prescribed by Sharia Law.
Any tolerance that I have of Islam is based simply on Muslims’ rights to free speech and expression, which I fully support. Baroness Warsi, ex Conservative Foreign Office minister, warned that British Muslims perceived a ‘cold war’-style offensive against them by successive governments. Baroness Manningham-Buller, ex-MI5 chief, said extremist opinions need to be “exposed, challenged and countered” rather than banned.
There is clearly a fine line between free speech and expression and the restrictions involved with suspected terrorism. It is a regrettable but demonstrable fact that most terrorist suspects are Muslim and they follow an Islamic agenda. Unfortunately terrorism, generally waged in Islam’s name, is today a real, clear and present danger in the UK and the West generally. We thus have a duty to society to set up whatever structures we feel will expose and isolate those intent on doing us harm.
You might argue that I am an Islamophobe. If so, it is based in my view on perfectly rational considerations and arguments.

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