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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dawkins on fire ... and Francis dying

This is Dawkins at his absolute best. 

He is discussing some of the terms that Religion has highjacked: morality, intelligent design, pro-life .. and turning them back to destroy all the myths that have been disingenuously constructed around them.

One area not covered was death.

Religion loves to own this, 'big time'. 

Please ... when I die, statistically the chances are, you will be around, quell those fulsome tears just long enough to reflect on me as a great guy in my own right and all the wonderful things I did and said were from my own bat and not at the behest of some fabricated supernatural dictator. 

However, if, in my forthcoming senile years, I muse on Pascal's Wager, think of the catalyst as the beautiful music that His Malevolence has inspired through the ages ... or just have me put down.