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Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting used to the cloud ...

Now I have the iPhone, I have been coming to terms with my cloud storage.

Have decided (for now anyway) to split my current needs between the 3 Leviathans, Google, Apple and Yahoo.

Google = EMail, Docs and Blog (using Chrome over FFx and Safi). Have now transferred all my saved personal S(tandard)Mail to Docs and am getting used to its interface. Also need to checkout the spreadsheets. Have now ditched Word/NeoOffice to originate SMail and other stuff. Need to retry publishing my thoughts through Blogger as evidenced here!. Google Cost = Free (currently)

Apple = Contacts and Websites (via MobileMe). This syncs 2-way with MacContacts and iPhoneContacts and 1-way with GMailContacts. However the latter has some inconsistencies that I am trying to iron out! Websites conveniently created and manipulated through iWeb on the Mac. Apple Cost = a massive £59 pa (I really must love Apple ;) )

Yahoo = Photos (via Flickr). I have just set up an account ... and will probably go with this big time. Yahoo cost = Free (currently)